Our first priority at Oasis Charter Schools is to keep our students and staff safe. We have installed CENTEGIX’s CrisisAlert™ solution throughout our school(s) to further support and empower our staff. With CrisisAlert™, all staff wear a badge that empowers them to easily and discretely request help from anywhere on campus.  The CrisisAlert™ badge is easy to use and does not require staff to download an app to their personal mobile phone. It operates on a private network and does not depend on Wi-Fi or a cellular signal. The badge can be used in 2 ways. With a Staff Alert, a staff member pushes the button on the badge to request help. CENTEGIX immediately delivers that alert to school responders and provides a map of the school showing who needs help and where that person is located, so that help can find them as quickly as possible.  This is the most common type of alert and is used for medical emergencies, behavior situations, and other everyday safety incidents.  CrisisAlert™ can also activate a Campus-Wide Alert. With this type of alert, the goal is to immediately notify everyone on campus that the school is under a threat and to get to safety as soon as possible. CrisisAlert™ uses multiple audio and visual notifications to communicate the Campus-Wide Alert. Strobe lights flash and beep in every room and hallway; instructional messages are displayed on devices connected to the school’s network; and an intercom message is played. As with the Staff Alert, CENTEGIX® immediately delivers that alert to school responders and provides a map of the school showing where the alert was triggered. Our students and staff practice using the solution a few times each year, so everyone knows what to do when an alert is activated. In the event of a Campus-Wide Alert, parents/guardians will be notified by the school as soon as possible via Parent Square.  CENTEGIX CrisisAlert™ is an additional step that Oasis Charter Schools  is taking to increase safety for all our students and staff.